Portfolio of Experiences At Eco Quechua Lodge

optionalAll guided tours in the Eco Quechua Lodge help support the ongoing maintenance and land preservation of Machupicchu  biodiversity. Choosing to hike and learn about ancient cultures the Cloud forest interconnectedness with our several trained, experienced local guides provides both you an authentic local interpretation and also the community employees continued economic support.

  • One Day Llactapata Inca Trail
  • Canopy (Zip Line Tour)
  • Coffee Tour
  • Machupicchu Tour
  • Early Birds Tour
  • Local Medicine Tour
  • Cocalmayo Hot Springs
  • Massage Treatment

One Day Llactapata Inca Trail

Walk the Inca trail on this one-day trip, visiting the important Inca archaeological remains of Llaqtapata and capturing your first view of Machu Picchu from the cloud forest. Convine this experience with the coffee tour visiting the local coffee farmers (Limited capacity, subject to availability, minimum one day prior reservations required). Departure: 6:00AM

Duration: Full day
Attractions: Achaeological remains / panoramic views / photos / coffee plants
Includes: Transfer by van round trip, expert local  guide, entrance fee, coffee tour, lunch.

Eco Quechua Canopy ( Zip Line Tour)

Our Canopy is Peru`s first, and South Americas highest. There are 2500m of cable in six sections. The longest ride or sections is 400m long, and the highest is 150m high. The maximum speed reached on the cable is 60km/h.The tour takes approximately 2 hours.(Limited capacity, subject to availability, minimum one day prior reservations required).

difficulty: III
Departure: 8:30am first group, second group 10:00am
Attractions: Panoramic views / photos / coffee plants
Includes: Transfer round trip.

Coffee tour

Local coffee experts will teach you about sustainable growing practices and coffee’s vital role in Santa Teresa´s  social and economic evolution. From the fields, you will continue to the roasting   where you will breathe in the aroma of roasting coffee and learn all about the magical process that turns a red coffee cherry into a delicious cup of java.  After a cup of coffee you won`t want to move from this place but we have to in order to visit Tunquihuayco waterfalls with a high possibility to see the national Peruvian  bird cock of the rock.

Departure: 13:30
(Duration: Half day. Difficulty level: II.)
Attractions: coffee plants / Photos / Fruit trees .

Machupicchu tour

Take a 25-minute bus transfer to the Hidro Electrica train station. From here Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu are a short (40 minutes), scenic train ride away.
Your expert guide will lead a tour of the Reserve, providing geological and historical information on key areas of interest, including Intihuatana (the Sun Dial), the Sacred Plaza and the Temple of the sun.
(Limited capacity, subject to availability, minimum one week prior reservations required).

Duration: full day.  Difficulty level: II.)  Schedule: 6:30 a.m.
Includes: All bus and train transportation In Aguas Calientes and Machupicchu.
Specialized guide and entrance fee to the Citadel of Machu Picchu.
Attractions: Orchids / Machupicchu / Nature / Photos.

Early Birds Tour

Share the cool early morning air with great number of  bird species Inhabiting the Sacsara Valley.  Begin at a river observatory, with the possibility of sighting the sought-after torrent duck and the white-capped dipper. Then proceed to a productive tanager feeding area, where silver-beaked, blue-necked, fawn-breasted and saffron-crowned tanagers can be found. be on the lookout for the cock-of-the-rock and many of the 9 different humming birds identified on the grounds, including the booted racket-tail and the green-and-white hummingbirds, which are native to the area.

Departure: 5:00am
(Duration: two hour. difficulty: II).
Attractions: Insects / Photos / Coffee plants, birds.

Local Medicine Tour

Follow local guides through the primary cloud forest as they explain traditional medicinal uses of plants and seeds. A fascinating tour for all nature lovers interested in indigenous culture and customs of our country

Duration: 2 hour. Difficulty level III
Attractions: Butterflies / panoramic views / pohtos / medicine plants.

Cocalmayo Hot Springs

There is no better way to unwind after a long day than by visiting the hot springs and treating your body to its naturally replenishing effects. When taking a break from the soothing hot springs, you can dine in the authentic, home-style Eco Quechua restaurant.

What to bring: towel, closed toe shoes, a camera, swim suit, a light jacket Open from 5:00am until 11:00pm.

Massages Treatment

Enjoy forty minutes of cloud forest bliss surrounded by the sounds of the jungle and softly river sound.

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