• Where is the Eco Quechua Lodge located?
    The Eco Quechua Lodge is located just an hour journey by car and train from the Historical reserve of Machu Picchu/Aguas Calientes, at an altitude of (1, 535m – 5,007 feet) Locate the Eco Quechua Lodge with Google Earth. Coordinates: —————— 18 L 0760415 S, UTM 8546620 W
  • At which hotels do you provide pick-up and drop-off services?
    We provide pick-up and drop-off from anywhere in Cusco as part of our adventure packages. Our sales representative will confirm to you the exact pick-up time for your adventure program (between 6:45am and 7:20am, depending on the hotel).
  • Can I get to the Eco Quechua Lodge by car or train?
    Our lodge is accessible by both car and train however it is not advisable to arrive by car during the months of February and March when there is significant rainfall.
    By car from Cusco.
    Takes you along scenic ice mountains and cloud forest views as you pass through more than twelve different biozones, changing altitudes and traversing varied terrain, and allows you to experience different archaeological. The trip takes about 5 hours to our Lodge. It is important to check with our office for availability.
    By train.
    Departure by Train is also available.»Do you know the way to Machu Picchu?» That’s all right, we’ll assume you’re already there. After your Machu Picchu visit , you’ll want to get out of (formerly Aguas Calientes village) as fast as possible (believe us, you really do!) and we’re sure you’ll want to visit the famous Cloud Forests of Santa Teresa. So how do you get to Eco Quechua Lodge from Machupicchu? See below!
    After your visit to the mysterious and enigmatic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, take the 30 minutes train to the last station called (Hidro Electrica); be sure to get the train tickets earlier as well as some cash. Aguas Calientes is the last place where you will find cash machine. There are none in Santa Teresa.
    On arrival at the hydroelectric station, take a colectivo taxi directly to the Eco Quechua Lodge. The trip from the station to our Lodge takes about 25 minutes.
  • When is the best time to come to the Eco Quechua Lodge?
    Machu Picchu attracts visitors all year round but the peak season is from May to December (Dry Season). January through April is the rain season (usually in the afternoons) and when the river levels are higher (particularly February and March), which makes the access difficult. You will find it easier to access our lodge from late March through late December.
  • How long in advance should I book my trip?
    The sooner the better! Mid May through August are particularly busy, so at least two or three months in advance is highly recommended.
  • What is the weather like?
    Weather in the region is extremely variable and you should pack for a variety of conditions.In general, expect most mornings to be sunny and clear followed by rain showers in the afternoon. During the day the weather will be hot and humid with temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s (28 – 30 C). Evenings are usually clear and occasionally may even require the use of a light jacket.
  • What is the recommended length of stay at the Eco Quechua Lodge?
    We have had guests stay as long as a week; however, and depending on the optional tours you are interested in, a stay of two or three nights is ideal.
    What should guests do with their remaining bags and clothing?
    remaining luggage can be stored in Cusco at your pre-adventure hotel.
    Are mosquitoes and bugs a problem?
    We have had very few complaints about bugs from our guests. Our rooms have mosquito nets over the beds, so the important thing is to use them in a good way. For your walking tour along the lodge and hikes into the tropical Inca trails, we highly recommend a good dousing of insect repellant.
    Should I be concerned about malaria?
    The short answer is NO. Although the Peruvian health ministry does list certain areas in the department of La Convenciòn (where the lodge is located) as posing a possible malaria risk, the truth of the matter is that these are isolated outbreaks occurring in areas far from tourist traffic. We strongly recommend you follow your physician’s advice in this matter – but as far as we know, in recent years no tourist has contracted malaria in Santa Teresa.
    Is there electricity at the Eco Quechua lodge?
    The lodge has an electrical current of 220 volts. If guests have electrical appliances that work with 110 volts, they should bring their own adaptors since there are is a limited supply of these in the lodges for their use.
    Are phones available?
    Eco Quechua Lodge offers satellite-based communications at the lodge. Due to the satellite-based nature of the system, signal reception may not be guaranteed in cases of continuous or extreme bad weather conditions.
    Where do we meet our group/guide? When and where will we be picked-up on the first day of our tour?
    There is a pre-trek briefing the night before your departure with your guide/group at your hotel in Cusco. We will be sending you an invitation via email specifying the exact time and place of the briefing. On the first day, you will be picked-up at your hotel in Cusco.
    Does your lodge cater to families with small children?
    Most of our guests are couples, groups, or families with older children. We do offer ground transportation to and from the lodge so guests can, if they wish, bring small children. However, the activities and facilities are geared for older children from 12 years up and adults.
    What types of meals are provided at the lodge? Do you cater to guests with special meal requirements?
    If you read any of our guest comments, you will quickly notice that our meals are very highly regarded. This is not by accident, as we have put much effort and expense into the quality of the food we purchase and the training of our local chefs. All our meals are served in the main lodge. Breakfast includes either eggs or pancakes plus tropical fruit, juice, coffee and tea. Lunch and dinner are novo-Andean cuisine. Dinner is the main meal at our lodge. Here you will enjoy a candlelit three-course meal that features a soup entree, a choice of chicken or trout with a vegetable side dish, and dessert.
    With advanced notice we can usually fulfill most special meal requests. So if you are a vegetarian or require a special meal, please let our sales representative know at the time of your booking.
    Are alcoholic beverages included?
    A superior selection of wines may be purchased with the evening meal. Additionally, our upstairs bar includes a nice variety of spirits and liquors that may be purchased separately.
    What should I pack?
    Please go to our recommended packing list for a detailed description of items to bring, as well as what to do with luggage you plan to leave behind.
    What happens if I need to cancel my tour?
    For cancellations between time of booking and 60 days prior to departure, Eco Quechua Lodge will charge the non-refundable deposit of $300 as the cancellation penalty.
    For cancellations between 59 and 30 days prior to departure, Eco Quechua Lodge will charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the package rate.
    For cancellations between 29 and 0 days prior to departure, Eco Quechua Lodge will charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the adventure rate.
    What activities are available at the lodge?
    Several optional tours are available that allow you to explore the ancient Machupicchu Territory and surrounding communities in a variety of exciting ways:
    Additional Activities
    Hot springs
    Canopy Tour (The highest zipline tour in South America)
    Llactapata Inca Trail
    Machu Picchu Tour
    Birding tour
    Coffee Tour
    Medicinal Plant TourMassages

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