If you read the guest comments about the food at the Eco Quechua Lodge, you might get the impression that we have a chef trained in haute cuisine. The truth is that the lodge’s food is simply the product of our own love of cooking, a sentiment that we transferred to the jungle and emulsified – to use a culinary term – with the talent of our local staff, teaching them how to prepare memorable meals.

The Eco Quechua Lodge’s kitchen staff is made up of young people from nearby communities. We don’t really have a chef; we’ve simply developed the talent of local people and taught them the secrets of great food. We like to surprise our guests with combinations of flavors, local ingredients, innovative recipes and presentations. It isn’t fancy, but it’s delicious enough to warrant opening a bottle of good wine, which is why we keep our cellar well stocked with vintages from around the world.

As we assembled our kitchen team, our primary goal was to find local people who loved to cook. Though they come from rural backgrounds, we’ve built upon their culinary traditions and nurtured their passion for cooking. The results are reflected by the hundreds of comments in the Eco Quechua Lodge’s guest book from people who were amazed to find outstanding food in such a remote and wild place.

As food enthusiasts, we make it a priority to purchase fresh and quality ingredients and to do innovative things with them, so it is not uncommon to see a fusion of Peruvian and exotic dishes. Our menu is constantly evolving to reflect the influences of other countries and cultures that we visit, or whose cuisines we enjoy, but it will always be based on our culinary roots.

We look forward to serving you!