Coffee Tour

Portfolio of Experiences at Eco Quechua Lodge

All guided tours in the Eco Quechua Lodge help support the ongoing maintenance and land preservation of the Machu Picchu  biodiversity. Choosing to hike and learn about ancient cultures and the cloud forest with our trained, experienced local guides provides you an authentic local interpretation as well as provides the community employees with continued economic support.

Coffee tour

Local coffee experts will teach you about sustainable growing practices and coffee’s vital role in Santa Teresa´s  social and economic evolution. From the fields, you will continue to the roasting  where you will breathe in the aroma of roasting coffee and learn all about the magical process that turns a red coffee cherry into a delicious cup of java.  After a cup of coffee you won`t want to move from this place but we have to in order to visit the Tunquihuayco waterfalls with a high possibility of seeing the national Peruvian  bird, the Cock of the Rock.

Departure: 13:30
(Duration: Half day. Difficulty level: II.)
Attractions: coffee plants / Photos / Fruit trees .
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