You can visit Eco Quechua Lodge as part of a multiday Machu Picchu Adventure offered by Eco Quechua Lodge.

Arrival by the Inca Jungle Trail: Through impressive scenery, the Inca Jungle Trail is a new route offered by Eco Quechua Lodge, which involves hiking  through the jungle and Inca Trail, canyons, crossing the river on a hanging gondola,  a canopy (zip line), and hot springs. We cross one of the highest road passes in the Andes Malaga pass 4,316m. This challenging, four-day circuit traverses widely diverse landscapes and microclimate zones, and ends with a dawn view of the valleys below from Machu Picchu.


Save time and money by asking your reservation agent to include the Eco Quechua
Lodge within a full-featured Machu Picchu itinerary.